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Multi-disciplinary Performing arts to accelerate the transition of our planet back to a sustainable future in peace

Matrix-Q Performing Arts Akademia

  • Exploring and producing multidisciplinary performing arts with a purpose
  • The art of storytelling applied for sustainable development (COURSES)
  • SDG’s inspiration and social education, with artistic performances, telling stories that bring awareness, thinking, skills, social empathy, and collective intelligence engaged in sustainability IMPACT STORYTELLING PROJECTS
  • Youth education, with multidisciplinary performing arts (holistic education, indirect learning skills) TO JOIN THE SUNDANCE THETA ENSEMBLE
  • Performing arts as preventive therapy (Trauma, family, stress release: therapeutical effect of performing arts) CERTIFICATE
  • Indirect coaching and training through performing arts (Human competencies, skills) CERTIFICATE 

Learn more about our methodology - with a webinar and e-learnig program


  • We perform and provide workshops together, to sensitize, inform, entertain and bring our community and location together.
  • We inspire people to reconnect with nature (Outdoors coaching and training) and create between each other a resilient bond, strengthen and cultivate a positive and creative mindset, to utilize positive human emotions to create the future we want.


  • Just contact us, WhatsApp +31.626673380
  • For a tailor-made program (coaching, training, or leisure)
  • We are glad to share with you details about our school for coach-trainers and multidisciplinary performing arts
  • Visit our events page and register for a course or e-learning


  • Attend courses, workshops, seminars, full-day training
  • Schedule outdoors coaching training, combined with creative and leisure activities
  • Every year we host 1-2 competitions, for performing artists, that would like to join us telling stories addressing global pressing issues
  • We also provide a complete learning program for coach-trainers (Matrix-Q Holistic Coaching School), in order to integrate you into our pool of associated consultants (Certificates, commercial licenses). Our focus is how to utilize multidisciplinary performing arts combined with the Matrix-Q Methodology to enable indirectly holistic learning and coaching, for our customers to acquire skills, release stress, trauma, develop their emotional intelligence, empathy, enhance their creativity, self-expression, the capacity of learning and adaptation.
  • Our holistic education methodology matches 97% of the United Nations Holistic Education Standards
  • Our e-learning programs will introduce you to our methodology
  • Our weekly online training sessions will bring you together with our international community of artists
  • We design and develop together multidisciplinary performing arts projects dedicated to addressing global pressing issues, in particular, focussing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, suggested by the United Nations