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Our focus is storytelling, with multidisciplinary performing arts, plastic and visual arts, games, and learning experiences.

Our stories are about the human (nature, condition, evolution, learning, history, adaptation, creativity, emotions), sustainable development (SDGs 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations), leisure and lifestyle, and nature (love for nature)

We do practice arts as a form of self-expression, and self-exploration (self-knowledge)

We communicate and educate with multidisciplinary performing arts.

We invite people to reflect on topics that are actual in our society, addressing global, local, and social pressing issues

We perform on stage, also online (media), publish e-learning, and e-books, and do create smart apps.

We also research arts, science, and technology


We are announcing casting and recruiting for projects between 2022-2024

It is a good opportunity for you to start your training with us and join our crew

We are planning projects in the following areas 

  • Sustainability & storytelling
  • Education: Multidisciplinary Performing Arts
  • Leadership skills and personal development (Indirect training with performing arts)
  • Sound & dance improv.
  • Nude Arts: Celebrating the beauty of nature a human body
  • Work-life balance with performing arts
  • Science, technology, and arts research 

Please contact us for more details, casting schedule, trainings and application forms at 

Or schedule time with us for Q&A


Climate Change

In collaboration with the Matrix-Q Climate Change School, we are producing performances, improv. storytelling, workshops, competitions, and digital production, about climate change.

Our aim is to facilitate a “thinking through climate together” process in which feeling and empathy are also important elements of the experience.