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The city of Rhenen, The Netherlands

Was already a cultural center of the region, centuries ago

With an ancient history both cultural, religious; also key location for recent historical events last century (WW2) and even with an archeological site, 4.000 years old. 

The location is surrounded by beautiful nature, natural reserves offers a unique experience back to nature, and a welcoming community, with restaurants and accommodation, to extend your leisure experience.

The Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Performing Arts School has chosen Rhenen for its historical value, as the location for its activities.

As well The Matrix-Q Akademia, with 36 School programs, has its outdoors training location in Rhenen.

Weekly training and leisure activities outdoors are facilitated in the city of Rhenen by our members.

The Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Performing Arts for sustainability, the Competition, is hosted at the city of Rhenen twice every year